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The Body Positive Movement

For so many women, fitness is a mechanism by which we condition our bodies to meaningfully interact with the world. Unfortunately, the fitness industry has constructed a narrative in which women’s fitness is limited to reaching aesthetic goals.

Science shows that women integrated into aesthetically driven fitness programming and environments experience heightened body shame, propensity for disordered behaviors, and disrupt their experience in the “flow state.”

Fuck that.

Body positive fitness practices improve retention, boost the self-esteem and self efficacy of participants, and improve fitness outcomes. Body positivity is an essential component in achieving important public health outcomes.

The Body Positive Movement is dedicated to reclaiming fitness and integrating body positivity into our practice. We educate fitness professionals on the science of body positive practices and provide strategies to create healthy and supportive environments for all fitness participants to achieve their goals. We also conduct trainings with women looking for tools to improve their body image and confidence through movement that focuses on strength, power, well-being, and function.

The Body Positive Movement receives academic support from the Body and Media Lab at Northwestern University to develop the content for the trainings. 

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